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About​ Company

The Arab Contractors for Facility Management Co. (S.A.E.) was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of “The Arab Contractors - Othman Ahmed Othman & Co.” which is a leading company of the construction industry in the Middle East and Africa. The Arab Contractors for Facility Management (S.A.E.) is considered one of the leading companies in Egypt providing innovative and professional Facility Management solutions to achieve the sustainable development that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of Assets, Process and Technology. The company aims to expand its business in the Middle East and Africa.


We strive to serve our clients interests through considering their aspirations and interests’ as our top priority. Out of this perspective we carry out our work according to the latest technology. We continue to move forward in expanding our business with a plan to capture promising future opportunities and strategic affiliations, with our attention focused on delivering state of art Facility and Asset Management technology in the region, and sustainable development projects.

Through the competitive markets where huge investments are spent to achieve the sustainable development  in communities, we aspire to be one of the leading companies in the Facility Management in Egypt, Middle East and Africa.

Our style is to apply the advanced technologies for the Integrated Facility Management  which provided for our clients, with our partners worldwide.


The core values required to the clients, partners and our team work are provided as follows:

1- Perfect communications   to ensure satisfactory results

2- Ethics  should be demonstrated as a hallmarks

3- The continuous improvement will be accomplished for our tasks

4- The rules of ownership  should be applied to keep the assets in the appropriate reliability level

5- The performance excellence  will be achieved by the professional methodology

6- The demands of all within the system are respected and appreciated

7- Quality, Safety and Environment  systems should be applied

8- All activities will be performed under the professional stewardship

Our Philosophy:

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Respect, integrity and candor guide our actions to do the right thing.

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Our People and customers inspire us to act with commitment and passion.

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We are empowered to bring our authentic selves in an open, welcoming and equitable workplace.

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We cultivate an open and entrepreneurial mindset in all that we do.

We work collaboratively with each other our partners to win together.

We work with rigor, simplicity and agility to deliver exceptional results

   Sample of Projects

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                        Word of Chairman 

Egypt is witnessing the largest economic renaissance in its modern history, with several mega development projects which are considered the largest projects currently in the world. Thus far these include 12 new cities such as The New administrative capital, New Alamein and their infrastructures, petroleum and petrochemical projects, energy projects, development projects of the Suez Canal region, railways, roads and the complementary projects such as East Port-Said port and Suez Canal Tunnels and many more.

These projects will have economic repercussions not only locally, but also at the regional and international level, due to Egypt's strategic location in the heart of the world linking East and West.

From this perspective, the role of how to manage these assets to achieve sustainable development comes into play. The Arab Contractors for Facility Management (S.A.E.) is the one of the leading companies in this field in Egypt, and is further increasing its portfolio.

The company is currently taking serious actions to develop its performance and expand its services as appropriate for market requirements. Hence, our company is always working on alliances with specialized international companies to capitalize on different expertise and enhance our knowledge in order to seize available and future opportunities in the Middle East and Africa.

Finally, I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to explore The Arab Contractors for Facility Management’s services and all that we stand for. We are proud of our achievements but what keeps us going is our overwhelmingly positive client feedback.

Dr Mohamed Mandour