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About Us

The Arab Contractors for Facility Management Co. (S.A.E.) was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of “The Arab Contractors - Othman Ahmed Othman & Co.” which is a leading company of the construction industry in the Middle East and Africa. The Arab Contractors for Facility Management (S.A.E.) is considered one of the leading companies in Egypt providing innovative and professional Facility Management solutions to achieve the sustainable development that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of Assets, Process and Technology. The company aims to expand its business in the Middle East and Africa.


We strive to serve our clients interests through considering their aspirations and interests’ as our top priority. Out of this perspective we carry out our work according to the latest technology. We continue to move forward in expanding our business with a plan to capture promising future opportunities and strategic affiliations, with our attention focused on delivering state of art Facility and Asset Management technology in the region, and sustainable development projects.



The Arab Contractors for Facility Management (S.A.E.) is a specialized firm to provide integrated package of Facility Management for the following branches:


  1.  Administrative buildings such as ministries and governmental authorities.

  2.  Airports facilities and services.

  3.  Banks and financial institutions.

  4.  Hospitals, medical centers and other health care facilities.

  5.  Sports hubs such as stadiums and sports clubs.

  6.  Educational facilities such as universities and schools.

  7.  Infrastructure facilities such as water purification plants, sewage treatment plants,   desalination plants. etc.

  8.  Roads and bridges facilities

  9.  Entertainments & commercial hubs such as shopping centers and hyper markets. 

  10.  Conference and exhibition centers facilities.

  11.  Housing communities’ facilities in new cities.

  12.  Hotels, resorts and touristic villages facilities.

  13.  Museums and cultural centers.

  14.  Multi storey car parking.

The Integrated package of Facility Management provided by the Arab Contractors for Facility Management includes the below activities:


  1. Operations and maintenance of the electromechanical systems including the control system such as BMS, scada, security systems, etc.

  2. Civil and architectural activities including building, streets, parking areas. etc.

  3. Computerized maintenance management.

  4. Landscape works.

  5. Cleaning systems for all internal and external areas.

  6. And all other associated activities.


Additionally, the Arab contractors for Facility Management can perform the following activities:

  • Construction of the electromechanical projects, and

Rehabilitation of different facilities.

Company Classification at EFCBC:

First Class at Works of water and sewage stations and networks.
First Class at Gas and fuel network stations works.
First Class at Electromechanical and electronic works for facilities, factories and public buildings.
First Class at Light current network works.
First Class at Works of electric, hydro, gas and diesel power production and distribution stations.
First Class at Specialized supplementary works
First Class at Maintenance and operation of water, sewage and desalination plants and networks
First Class at Maintenance and operation of electrical power stations, lines and transformers


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Our operations all over The Arab Republic of Egypt:

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Mother Company the Arab Contractors Branches in Africa & Middle East:

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